Rangehood Units

All flat pack units are Australian made and are available for pick up or delivery from any of our locations. 


Rangehood units are normally mounted in between wall cabinets. These units are designed to fit a fixed or slide out rangehood. There is a void behind this cabinet to allow for your flue and the door size for these units will be dependent on the rangehood you install. This information will all be available from the instructions supplied with your rangehood. 

  • Easy installation 
  • Customised door options 
Type Size 2 Door Drilling
Rangehood 600mm 460 x 600 x 299 2 @ TBA x 297 To be advised
Rangehood 900mm 460 x 900 x 299 2 @ TBA x 447 To be advised


  • Doors not included in units.
Important Information
  • For your convenience we can drill hinge holes for your doors. You will need to specify if you would prefer screw on hinges (we drill a single 35mm hole) or clip-on hinges (we drill a 35mm hole plus 2 smaller holes, grass pattern only). 
  • You will need to know the specifications of your rangehood before you advise the door size and hinge hole locations on your doors for these cabinets.