Specialist Plywood's

There are many other plywood products that we can supply, some we have on the floor and some can be ordered in in a day or 2 and some will be made to order and can take up to 10 working days.

Caravan Ply

Caravan Ply – a thin and light weight plywood that has a decorative polyester and paper overlay in a number of different finishes such as timber look, whites and raised white patterns.  This is suitable for wall paneling and ceiling lining.  Also available with this product is a plastic joiner and corner extrusions.

Sheet are available to order in 2.7mm 3mm and 3.6mm thick.

Fire Retardant Ply

Fire retardant Ply – this is a plywood that has been treated with a fire resistant chemical that reduces/eliminates the rate of ignition under extreme heats. Certified as BCA Fire Hazard Group Number 2. This product is predominantly used in commercial project fitouts for spaces like shopping centers, childcare centers, schools, stadiums, apartments and concert halls.

These sheets are available in sizes 2500 x 1220 and 3100 x 1530 and thickness from 7mm to 25mm.

These board can also be laminated or have veneer pressed to them however this may diminish it’s fire rating.

Available as a MTO (10 + days)

Bending Ply

Bending Ply – This is a 5mm thick plywood that is very flexible also known as flexiply or bendy ply. It is available in either short grain or long grain which means: Long grain bends along the length creating a 2.4mt vertical column while the Short grain bends across the width and can be rolled up to create a shorter wider column 1.2mt high.

Generally used as a structural  product to create a base shape, the face grades on this product are not overly attractive so some veneering or laminating may be required for a finished look.

Available in stock

Jumbo Ply

Jumbo Ply – As the name suggests this is a BIG sheet of plywood, while most plywood only come in 2400 x 1200 Jumbo ply can be available in sheets up to 3.6mt long sheets and also up to 1.8 mts wide. Suitable for NON structural applications it usually comes with a hardwood face any where from B to a C grade. Thicknesses range from 4mm to 30mm.

Available to order (2-3 Days)


OSB (Oriented Strand Board) – This is a strange one, predominantly used in America as a bracing/structural building material, here in Australia we see it more commonly used for its appearance rather than its structural properties such as wall, ceiling or floor lining, storage shelving, shopfitting and joinery.  Available in 9mm 12mm and 18mm thick panels 2500 long.

Available to order (2-3 days)