Other MDF products

The main benefits of MDF are the smooth face surfaces which allow for high quality pressing and painting finishes, making this material a fantastic all-round product for interior use.

Other compressed fibre products available through us are:


This product is available 4.8 mm thick and we supply 2400 x 1200 sized sheets. Predominately used as a flooring underlay, it has one smooth surface and one rough surface. It is easy to cut and offers great stapling capabilities.


Slatwall is a great product for shopfitting and storage use. It is MDF that has had a groove routered into the face. It is a specific groove designed to house a metal extrusion. This metal extrusion is the means by which storage baskets, shelf clips and other forms of connectors attach themselves to the slatwall wall.


Is a generic term used for perforated storage boards. Ours is a Masonite product with a white painted face. The holes are used to accommodate hooks or pegs which in turn are used for hanging items for storage.  The product we hold in stock is 4.8mm thick and comes in 2700 x 1200 size sheet. The hole pattern is Diamond.


An external cladding material Weathertex is available in a few varying sheet sizes and finishes.  We stock a 9mm thick 2400 x 1200 sized Ecowall Smooth. But can order in any of the finishes and sizes such as Ruff Sawn, Woodsman and Rubix Panel.