Specialist MDF

MDF comes in a diverse range of resin types from LFE (Low Formaldehyde Emissions), MR (Moisture Resistant), E0 (Ultra Low Emissions), E0/MR and HPF (High Performance Fiberboard). 

The main benefits of MDF are the smooth face surfaces which allow for high quality pressing and painting finishes, making this material a fantastic all-round product for interior use. 


MDF is a manufactured wood panel and as such can be altered in the manufacturing process.  Resins and colours can be added to create coloured board or boards resistant to water or fire,  treatments can be applied to create boards that are primed and ready for painting or even pressed with more or less fibre to create  either a high density product (very dense and heavy) or a Low density product (light in weight).

These are some of the more specialized MDF products available in the market.

  • Colour core MDF 
  • Primed (ready for painting)
  • Fire Retardant 
  • Waterproof (Tricoya) 
  • Low Density (LDF),  
  • V Grooved MDF