White Pre-edged

White HMR Particle Board is also available as a prefinished product with 1mm ABS edging and also pre-drilled for adjustable shelf supports. It’s convenient for use in you small projects or available in bulk for use in large scale fit outs to save on labour costs.


Pre-edged white melamine is available in a number of different widths and lengths in standard nominal sizes. If you require white melamine to be supplied to your specifications; why not send your sizes to our production branch for us to make to order your pre-edged and drilled material.

Suitable for use
  • Wardrobe shelving
  • Pantry and cabinetry shelving
Type Sheet size 16mm
Matt 2400 x 105    ✔
  2400 x 295    ✔
  2400 x 445    ✔
  2400 x 595    ✔
  3600 x 445    ✔
  3600 x 595    ✔