Small General Hardware

Shelf Supports

For your shelf support needs we carry in stock, White, Clear and Black supports for a 5mm hole, along with a Nickle plated metal shelf support for 5mm hole. We also carry Brass supports along with the 8mm bushes which are sold separately.

Shelf Hole Plugs

Cover cap plastic used to cover 5mm shelf holes. Available in White.

Screw Cover Caps

We have a range of different colour screw caps (star & stem) and sticker caps to help cover those ghastly screw heads.

Keku Clip

These are used for push in fixing to panels.

Magnetic Catch

We have in stock a 6kg rated White magnetic catch which can be used for either single or double door cabinets to support alignment and hold doors closed.

Corner Shelf Joiner

These plastic brackets are used for either pantry or wardrobe shelves with front 90° angles to ensure both shelves remain flush at the front edge. We carry these in either a White or Black finish.  


Keep all of your bits and bobs secure and the back of your ute tidy with this quality, Australian made storage box. These impact resistant boxes, have a clear internal lid so you can easily identify your inventory and are available in 2 sizes. 

Hinge Hole Cover Cap (white)

Drilled a hinge hole in the wrong spot on the back of your door?! Grab one of these 35mm plugs to hide your mistakes.

Furniture Repair Crayons

Repair chips, gouges and scratches in melamine, veneer and timber with these coloured crayons. Just rub the crayon over the blemish and then polish off the excess with a soft cloth.

Liquid Laminate

For repairing small chips and imperfections in melamine and laminate. A 15ml bottle of water based acrylic. We stock white and black but other colours are available by special order.