Eurofix Professional Fast Adhesive

Adhesive set which consists of high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activator. 

  • High bonding strength. 
  • Suitable for use on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump. 
  • It is particularly suited to bonding difficult substrates which have a porous or uneven nature since it increases bonding strength by preventing the adhesive to be absorbed by the surface. 
  • It is suitable for the bonding of a very wide range of materials, including acidic surfaces and some porous ones, where rapid bonding times are required. 
  • Suitable for MDF, wood, chip wood, rubber, most plastics, leather and other common substrates. 
  • Especially suitable for the applications where cure speed needs to be accelerated. 
  • Although it has a degree of gap filling ability, it is generally recommended for use on close-fitting parts and fairly smooth, even surfaces