Allboard Distributors are the perfect solution for all your door needs. Sourcing the highest quality of materials, we custom-fit each of our doors to match your specific requirements. From thermo (vinyl) wrap doors to melamine doors, we provide a wide selection of colors and finishes to match your existing décor and add curb appeal to your property. With our thermo wrap doors, you can enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient space without breaking the bank. Incorporating efficient insulation to ensure a functional thermo wrap, our doors are designed for durability.

We also harness expert craftsmanship to produce our timber veneer cabinet doors, we pride ourselves on adding beauty, functionality and style to your home. All of our doors are manufactured to your exact size, colour and style specifications. We also supply raw MDF routed panels that are used for painting. With a team of experts specialized in everything from solid timber doors to custom cabinet doors, we’ll work with you every step of the way.

We can also supply raw MDF routed panels for painting as well as solid timber doors.

Please see details for more information. Email us the Door Order Form with your sizes for a quote.

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Cut & Edge

This means we purchase a full sheet of board of your choice, cut it to the sizes you request, then edge the pieces in a matching edging or as per your request.  This is often the most economical choice if numerous doors are required, depending on the choice of board.

This option also provides you with the greatest range of colours, finishes and styles as any Melamine or Timber Veneer board can be an option for a door – the choices are endless.

It is not recommended that cupboard or kitchen doors be made from plywood as it has a natural tendency to bow.

Thermo Wrap

These doors are a MDF core and are often routed with different designs such as Shaker or Tudor, these are then wrapped with vinyl to the face and edges by applying heat. Thermo wrapped doors are supplied with a white melamine back as standard to seal the panel.  This style offers a sleeker looking finish to cut and edge and is most economical if only one or two doors are required.


Other styles are available such as solid timber, in a range of species, painted and aluminium glass fill frames.

  • All doors can come with pre-drilled hinge holes for easy installation
  • Doors are custom made to your sizes and specifications
  • Our doors are all manufactured in Australia
  • A wide range of colours and styles available