Mirotone Lacquers

We are fortunate to distribute this Australian made, world class product known for its superior quality in finishing natural timber surfaces. 

We stock Mirotone’s most popular and most versatile lacquers available, but if you’re looking for something specific, check out mirotone.com to see their full range. 

PU5555 Polyurethane Clear Topcoat

MIROTHANE PU 5555 is a premium, two pack, clear polyurethane. High clarity results in striking grain definition and enhances the natural beauty of stained timber. It has been formulated to have superior resistance to water, general household reagents, marring and scuffing. 

Find this on the shelf at our Bayswater branch, or ask the team at Hallam or Epping to order it in for you.

Requires catalyst: 5747 (5757 for full gloss) and a sealer 5545.

Suitable thinners: 1266 (slow) & 1263 (medium)

  • Excellent water and chemical resistance makes it ideal for demanding in-service environment such as marine fit-outs, bench tops and bar tops. 
  • Very low yellowing, it is suitable for use over light coloured wood and veneers when mixed with a low yellowing MIROTHANE PU Part B Hardener.  
  • The full gloss version results in a brilliant high gloss finish with excellent distinction of image (DOI).  
  • Marine fire rating compliance (refer to the product information guide for details).  
  • Available in satin (30%), semi-gloss (60%) and full gloss. 
  • We stock 4L cans. 20L cans are available to order



PC3220 Pre Catalysed Clear Topcoat

MIROCAT PC 3220 is a premium quality, high build, single pack, pre-catalysed clear lacquer for hot or cold application. MIROCAT PC 3220 is easy to use and results in a high build finish, with excellent surface hardness.

Find this on the shelf at our Bayswater, Hallam and Epping branches.

Suitable sealer: 3242

Suitable thinners: 1242 (slow), 1294 (medium) & 1220 (fast)

  • High solids content provides improved hold up for better overall appearance and reduces the number of coats required.   
  • Easy to use, achieve an excellent finish with minimal effort.   
  • Formulated on a very clear, low yellowing resin and contains UV absorbers to ensure maximum protection of the substrate from UV light.   
  • High in can viscosity allows the applicator to adjust the coating viscosity to suit their requirements.  
  • Good clarity, provide good grain definition and depth of colour.   
  • Excellent flow and levelling results in a smooth even finish 
  • We stock 4L cans. 20L cans are available to order



AC3606 Acid Catalysed Clear Topcoat

MIROBILD AC 3606 is a low odour and low formaldehyde, two pack, clear, acid catalysed coating and is available for special order. 

Requires catalyst: 3800

Suitable thinners: 1242 (slow), 1294 (medium) & 1220 (fast)

  • Fast drying rate and long pot life make it ideal for automatic line operations.   
  • Results in a tough resilient film that protects quality furniture and fittings.   
  • High build, provides maximum build with the minimum number of coats applied.   
  • Low yellowing, ideally suited for application over blond timbers and liming stains.   
  • Low formaldehyde, provides a safer working environment for persons applying the coatings and, compared to conventional acid catalysed coatings, superior in-service air quality around the coated article. 
  • We stock 4L cans. 20L cans are available to order